5 Ultimate Fitness Tips for Older Men with Low T: Here's to Enjoying Summer

Summer is upon us and bringing the promise of more sunshine with every new day. It also marks an opportunity to work on men’s fitness, indulge in the great outdoors, and find a beautiful backdrop for daily physical activity — so you can stay healthy year-round.

But let’s face it: for older adults, and men specifically, things change as we age — we change. Our natural testosterone production declines, disease risk factors can increase, and our immune system may take a nose-dive. 

Our bodies now need to learn to navigate these changes and adjust to the symptoms caused by our older age and potential deficit in testosterone. How do you do that?

We have compiled a list of fitness tips to get you started on your journey towards a healthier and more balanced version of yourself. 

Fitness Tips for Older Men

When it comes to fitness for older adults, it’s good to know your body’s strengths and limitations. There’s no need to hit the gym for a couple of hours every day and lift weights like you did in your twenties. The truth is, there are many ways for you to stay fit without the excessive wear and tear on your joints and body.

Below are five fitness tips for you to take advantage of and put to good use this summer. Ready? Let’s do this!

(1) Take a Brisk Walk

Did you know that walking is a common denominator in all places in the world that have been established as Blue Zones? These are regions where people grow exceptionally old and live particularly long and healthy lives — which proves that high-intensity exercise isn’t the only way to do it.

Besides promoting your cardiovascular health, walking will help keep your waistline in check and maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI). A normal BMI, in turn, will help you ward off diabetes and obesity — both of which are precursors for an array of medical complications and are capable of worsening testosterone deficiency. 

In addition, a study that looked into the amount of steps taken and total testosterone produced found that men with the lowest daily step counts were the most likely to develop low testosterone. 

(2) Try Resistance Training at Your Local Park

Now that the weather is nice, why not hit your local park? Many municipalities even offer outdoor exercise equipment for strength training, free to use by the public. With strength and resistance training being especially important for men’s fitness and for maintaining healthy levels of testosterone, you should consider stopping by a few times a week this summer.

For older adults, strength training yields the benefit of protecting one’s joints and supporting muscle growth for better balance. 

One study found that men lifting weights experienced noteworthy boosts in testosterone levels and further research determined that physical activity, in general, was much better for testosterone synthesis than living a sedentary lifestyle.

You can even try a home fitness workout if you prefer staying in an airconditioned environment and alternate between weightlifting, push-ups, squats, and other resistance exercises.

(3) Go Swimming

Here’s a great fitness tip for folks over 50: try swimming as a fitness routine because it can offer you a low-impact workout that comes with both physical and mental health benefits. Plus, now that it’s summer you don’t have to stick with swimming in indoor pools but instead can visit a water park or hit the ocean, adding a beautiful backdrop to your workout.

Swimming is great for maintaining men’s fitness for various reasons:

  • burns calories,
  • promotes cardiovascular and pulmonary health,
  • is gentle on your joints,
  • builds muscle, and
  • supports your mental health.

Keep in mind that men who stay active tend to show higher serum testosterone levels, which will help maintain your hormone balance — especially now when your testosterone production begins its natural decline. 

(4) Keep Your Stress in Check with Yoga & Pilates 

Fitness routines tailored to the needs of older adults don’t have to be draining and should instead focus on refueling your energy tank and reducing stress levels. So internalize this next fitness tip and try your hand at yoga, pilates, or meditation.

Did you know that chronic stress can trigger a long list of adverse health effects — potentially leading to issues with your gut, your nervous system, hypertension, and mental health crises, as well as changes in your hormones?

Besides this avalanche of potential medical complications, higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol have been linked to a reduction in testosterone — suggesting that stress negatively impacts the production of the male hormone.

But here’s some good news: research confirmed that yoga can have a calming effect and can improve stress levels, depressive symptoms, and anxiety. Time to grab that yoga mat, find a sunny spot outside, and practice channeling your stress in a healthy way.

(5) Stay Hydrated & Enjoy Seasonal Fruits

As your thermostat creeps higher this summer, remember to stay hydrated so you can support your health. Hydration will help get all necessary nutrients to your cells, provide lubrication for your joints, and protect your body from infection.

To maintain men’s fitness and well-being, it is recommended you drink about 15.5 cups or 3.7 liters of water every day — but the exact amount depends on an array of parameters, including your age and activity level.

At the same time, avoid sugary drinks and processed foods, all of which can quickly lead to being overweight. Instead, plan to consume some seasonal fruits, such as strawberries, cantaloupes, and peaches, and prioritize a healthy and balanced diet.

Fresh produce can provide you with an abundance of fiber, promoting your gut health and making you feel full longer. Why’s that important? Well, a healthy weight can prevent additional medical problems and support hormonal health, including the regulation of testosterone levels.

Pick a Safe Fitness Routine for Older Adults & Stay Healthy

Whether you’ve found your best home fitness workout or prefer the outdoors, remember that consistent physical activity is a key contributor to your overall health and hormone balance. 

But besides finding an exercise routine that works for you, keep in mind that dietary factors and lifestyle choices are equally important. With that being said, feel free to implement some of these fitness tips to incorporate in your new summer routine — so you can emerge as a healthier version of yourself.

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