How to Stay Fit & Live Life to the Fullest: 7 Health Tips for Men

We all want to stay healthy, live an adventure, enjoy our lives, and be around when our grandkids or great-grandkids are born. But while all of us want it, only a few of us actively work toward health and fitness. This Men’s Health Month, however, we’re sharing health tips for all men out there, so we can all enjoy this wild ride called life.

Ever wondered what the most important thing is you should be doing to maintain your health? Here’s a spoiler: it’s not one single thing. Really, it’s more like the culmination of multiple small habits that — if done consistently — can make a big difference, promote your well-being, and enable you to enjoy yourself, even in old age.

So grab your notepad and a pen, and let’s learn how to nourish your body and preserve your sanity. Let’s go!

Men’s Health Tips: What to Do to Live a Healthy Life

While modern society prioritizes convenience over healthy choices, including processed foods over home-cooked meals, or driving short distances, instead of walking — it’s important we find our way back to our roots and embrace the simple things in life. There’s a lot you can do this Men’s Health Month, just start one healthy habit at a time.

(1) Sleep at Least Seven Hours Every Night

We’re exhausted from working all day but when we finally come home our day isn’t anywhere near over — the dishes are waiting in the sink, dinner isn’t prepped yet, and your kids need help with their homework. 

Most of us will end up getting to bed too late and not get enough sleep. Constant worrying about the next day will further lead to sleep disruptions, impairing any REM (rapid eye movement) sleep we would have gotten otherwise. To keep your energy, try sleeping 7 to 9 hours every night and start implementing a sleep routine with set bedtimes.

(2) Say No to Stress & Learn How to Relax

When you’re stressed, your body produces more cortisol a hormone that can alter your immune response and impair your digestive function. Research also found that cortisol can reduce your testosterone levels, which can lead to further health risks in its own right.

As stressful as our lives are, it’s important to find ways to turn off the noise, relax, and recharge our batteries. Practicing mindful relaxation or meditation can be very helpful in learning to handle the many stressors in our lives.

(3) Eat Nutritious Foods & Eat in Moderation

What we eat is important, we know that by now. Food provides our bodies with vital nutrients and vitamins so we need to consume a wide variety of different veggies, fruits, and grains. But it’s also about what we should not eat.

Try to avoid sugar, in all its forms: sodas, pastries, sweets, and processed foods. Don’t forget that eating healthy also means eating much smaller portion sizes than we as Americans are accustomed to. For men, 2,500 calories per day are sufficient so try to stay within that range.

(4) Stay Active Doing Something You Like

Physical activity is crucial for your overall health as it can promote your cognitive function and help you keep a healthy BMI (body mass index). It can also strengthen both your muscles and bones, which can be a safeguard against injuries — especially at an older age.

However, sometimes we get discouraged by the idea that we have to do a certain type of activity but that’s not necessarily true. Find something that YOU like, something that you can turn into a regular habit, so you’re more likely to actually follow through. 

(5) Keep Your Sanity & Preserve Your Mental Well-Being

Did you know that according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), 1 out of every 5 adults in the U.S. lives with some sort of mental illness? This means that it’s especially important for you to learn adequate coping mechanisms so you’re equipped to deal with the stress of your daily life and can preserve your sanity.

Use this men’s health month to speak to a counselor, start yoga, or spend more time outdoors, so you can find a way to nurture your mental health just as much as your physical well-being.

(6) Cut Out Alcohol & Tobacco

The long-term consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol can lead to an array of complications and chronic illnesses, including high blood pressure, liver cirrhosis, and gastrointestinal issues. 

Similarly, using tobacco products can lead to the development of cancers, lung issues, and heart disease. Therefore, a critical health tip would be to make lifestyle changes wherever necessary, eliminating habits that can interfere with your health. 

(7) Find Your “Moai”

Have you ever heard of Blue Zones? Dan Buettner traveled the world to find Blue Zonesregions in the world with a much higher likelihood of people reaching age 100 or above. Interestingly, he found that all five Blue Zones shared similar circumstances for this exceptional longevity — one of them being a “Moai.”

A Moai — a term adopted from the Japanese Blue Zone of Okinawa, is a social support system or group of peers that you consistently spend quality time with, laugh with, and can reach out to for support. After all, life is more fun if you don’t have to do it by yourself — but as it turns out, it’s also healthier this way. 

Celebrate Men’s Health Month by Changing One Habit Today

Because it would be hard to flip your life around in an instant, aim for slow but steady changes. Set goals that are both reasonable and attainable, like tackling one pesky habit at a time instead of trying to change every aspect of your routine. After all, there are many valuable men’s health tips, so it’s more important you remain consistent rather than be hasty.

Pick one unhealthy habit you want to break or one new healthy habit you’d like to integrate into your lifestyle. Visible changes will follow in due time, so be patient. 

In the meantime, remember to schedule routine follow-up visits and annual check-ups and screenings to remain proactive. You got this — and we’re here to support you along the way!

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