Start the New Year on a Healthy Note: Attain Better Mental, Physical, and Hormonal Health

The new year presents an opportunity to start with a clean slate, a chance to do better. Many of us made New Year’s resolutions in the hopes of improved outcomes, for our personal lives, our professional journeys, and our mental, physical, or hormonal health. The promise of new possibilities fills the air and you feel motivated. You got this.

This is YOUR chance to say goodbye to unhealthy habits, to stop missing your annual check-ups, to take care of yourself, and to treat yourself with grace and empathy. 

The truth is, temptations are omnipresent but sometimes New Year’s resolutions help visualize our hopes and dreams, so we feel more encouraged to work towards them. 

Low testosterone, for example, affects your hormonal health and can take you on a draining rollercoaster ride, physically and emotionally. This year, be prepared to prioritize your health and do what you need to do.

New Year’s Resolutions Done Right

Most New Year’s resolutions are indeed doomed to fail, leaving you to crash and burn within the first month. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done. You just have to do it right.

The thing is, many of us have unrealistic expectations and set unattainable goals, which inevitably leads to failure. Therefore, starting slow, taking baby steps, and staying realistic about what you can and cannot accomplish in a given time frame is crucial.

In addition, if you know your goal, what you want to accomplish and how you want to get there, write it down. Interestingly, research found that writing something down increases your chances of success significantly — by 42% to be exact.

Bracing yourself mentally and preparing for change are all factors that support your New Year’s resolutions. Add a plan, some structure, and good organizational skills, and you have paved the way for many new healthy habits.

Work Out How to Achieve Physical, Emotional & Hormonal Health

While emotional and hormonal health are critical contributors to your overall health, most New Year’s resolutions focus on physical health. The good news is that physical fitness and maintaining a healthy weight, are tied to both mental and hormonal health as well. 

So what can YOU do to change decades-old habits and lifestyles you’ve grown used to? 

Take one step at a time.

(1) Make Physical Activity a Simple Daily Habit

A New Year’s resolution that jams exercise into every free stretch of your schedule, includes countless blocks of heavy weightlifting, and hours on the treadmill is unlikely to bear fruit. The key to success is to naturally weave mild to moderate physical activity into your daily routine, so it can become part of your lifestyle.

Instead of taking the elevator, make it a habit to take the stairs instead. Leave the car and ride your bicycle to work or start walking for 30 minutes after dinner every day. Physical activity doesn’t have to be a burden but can be fun when integrated into your daily routine.

(2) Leave Holiday Desserts Behind You

If you’re aiming for a drastic change once the clock hits midnight and the new year rings in is too unrealistic of a goal to achieve. Instead, make a New Year’s resolution to improve your overall diet: cut out sugars, eat fewer desserts and processed foods, and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.

A healthy diet doesn’t just support your physique but also helps your hormonal health and sleep quality. Make sure to eat plenty of greens, snack on healthy protein like nuts, and limit your portion sizes, especially in the evenings.

(3) Limit Your Alcohol Consumption & Tobacco Intake

Another factor that can significantly contribute to your physical and hormonal health — or the lack thereof — is smoking and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. While quitting cigarettes or drinking alcohol is a common New Year’s resolution, being more specific makes your goal more attainable.

You can start by jotting down how much you’d like to reduce your alcohol consumption and gradually work towards your goal. Setting interim goals (e.g. 10 cigarettes per week down from 20 by mid-February, etc.) helps hit milestones that can function as continuous motivators on your journey. 

(4) Plan on Getting Plenty of Sleep

When you make plans for the new year, it’s easy to get carried away and pencil in long work hours, activities that drain your energy, and chores that suck you dry. For optimal hormonal health and mental wellbeing, however, the amount and quality of sleep you get is critical.

Make sure you don’t add too much to your plate at the expense of your sleep. Your body needs to rest and recharge its battery every day, so find a balance to gradually provide your body with the average 7 to 9 hours of sleep that’s recommended by experts.

Schedule Annual Screenings & Check-Ups

There’s one simple New Year’s resolution that can make a huge difference in your life: seek regular and consistent medical care, schedule annual screenings, and stay on top of your immunizations. While simple, the truth is that men are notorious for neglecting their health.

Research indicates that three times as many men hadn’t seen a doctor the year prior when compared to women and more than 50% of men neither received a physical exam nor a cholesterol screening in the previous year.

Make sure you schedule screenings with your:

  • Dentist
  • Eye doctor
  • Primary care
  • Endocrinologist, if you have diabetes or low testosterone
  • Other specialists, such as orthopedists and urologists.

Your provider will let you know if you're due for any routine lab work, cancer screenings, or age-related vaccines. It won’t take much of your time but can offer a great deal of rewards for your physical and hormonal health.

New Year, New You

It’s time for you to think about realistic and attainable goals to determine your New Year’s resolutions. Set timelines and interim milestones so you can be sure to celebrate your success along the way. Your health is in your hands, turn a page and start fresh. Now.

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